Paradise Vanuatu

International Diversification Service offering…

High-return Impact Investments in tax-friendly Vanuatu

Residency or Citizenship in this tropical paradise

In other words, setting up your “Plan B” insurance.  You may never need it, but if you do, how good to be able to quickly move to a safe stable jurisdiction with yourself and your family, some of your investments, your business, and your privacy.

And even if you never need it, you can’t be worse off diversifying with international impact investments returning great tax-free income. (Income-Tax-Free in Vanuatu – you may be required to pay taxes if you repatriate your income to your home country.  But great news: there is no restriction on moving funds out of Vanuatu to anywhere on the planet.)


Impact Investing:

  • Cares for the Environment

  • Good returns for Investors

  • Benefits Locals with jobs and lifestyle

I live here: I know what I am doing so you get the straight story!

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